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Xenoblade Chronicles X Trade Agreement

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trade Agreement: What It Means for Gamers

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an incredibly popular video game that was released in Japan in 2015 and worldwide in 2016. The game has been praised for its vast open world, engaging story, and unique gameplay mechanics. However, some gamers may not be aware of the recent trade agreement that has been signed regarding the game.

The trade agreement in question is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was signed by twelve countries including Japan and the United States. The agreement aims to reduce trade barriers and promote economic growth between the participating countries. While most of the agreement relates to traditional trade issues such as tariffs and regulations, it also includes provisions related to intellectual property rights.

One of the provisions of the TPP that is particularly relevant to gamers is the section regarding copyright protection for software. This section requires participating countries to provide protection for software, including video games, for a period of at least 70 years after the creator`s death. This means that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be protected under copyright law for a minimum of 70 years after the death of its creator, Tetsuya Takahashi.

Another provision of the TPP that may affect gamers is the section related to digital rights management (DRM). DRM is a technology that is used to prevent unauthorized copying or use of digital media such as video games. The TPP requires participating countries to provide legal protection for DRM, which means that game developers may have more control over how their games are distributed and used.

The TPP has been the subject of controversy and criticism, particularly in the United States. Some opponents of the agreement argue that it will lead to job losses and lower wages for American workers. Others have expressed concerns about the potential impact on internet freedom and privacy.

Despite these concerns, the trade agreement has already been signed by the participating countries and is set to take effect once ratified by each country`s legislature. For gamers, the implications of the TPP are not entirely clear. While the copyright protection and DRM provisions may have some impact, it is unlikely that they will have a significant effect on how Xenoblade Chronicles X is played or enjoyed.

In summary, the trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership includes provisions related to intellectual property rights that may affect the video game industry, including Xenoblade Chronicles X. While the implications of these provisions are not entirely clear, it is important for gamers to be aware of the potential impact on their favorite games.