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Overview of Fertility Treatment offered at Adarsh Hospital :

Adarsh hospital offers a wide range of fertility services to cater to the couples in need of the same. The services range from:

Simple Ovulation Induction :

This is giving medicines to induce ovulation to the women followed by FOLLICULAR IMAGING which is scan based monitoring of the follicle growth followed by TIMED INTERCOURSE – advice is given on when is best time to try for pregnancy.

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) :

The need for this procedure is based on certain factors such as:

  • Age of the couple
  • Years of marriage
  • Associated factors such as fibroids, endometriosis, and
  • Polycystic ovaries, we should separate when to seek help, what facilities we offer and patient info leaflets

This procedure includes giving ovulation medicines for stimulating egg release followed by follicular imaging to check for ovulation and then doing IUI. This basically means that the husband semen sample is processed by a procedure called centrifugation and then put by a tube like structure attached to a syringe into the uterus. This makes sure that the most active sperm are available for fertilization which improves the chances of pregnancy compared to just simple ovulation induction and timed intercourse.

IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization) :

The need for IVF which means in vitro fertilization or commonly called as test tube baby, is based on certain parameter:

  • Age of the couple
  • Number of years of marriage
  • Previous failed IUI (more than 6 cycles)
  • Underlying complications such as fibroids,previously treated poor ovarian responders.
  • Tubal block (both tubes blocked but normal uterus and ovaries)

This procedure includes starting follicular scans from day 2 of menses. This is called ANTRAL FOLLICULAR COUNT. The need for regular blood tests to monitor the cycle such as FSH, LH, prolactin, AMH and estradiol decides the necessity for harmonal injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce good quality follicles which are then monitored by alternate day scans to determine the best follicle so that OPU (Ovum Pick-Up) can be done. OPU is picking up eggs by vaginal route under anaesthesia. The egg and sperm are fertilized together under a microscope and cultured to BLASTOCYST stage. The best quality embryos are picked and the better one out of the lot is used for single embryo transfer. We are the best IVF treatment clinic in Koppa. Our aim of IVF is to have a single healthy baby.