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Paediatric HDU :

Children requiring admission to hospital are often treated in general paediatric wards. However when their condition becomes more serious, they require closer monitoring and treatment. Such children are admitted to paediatric HDU (High dependency Unit). It is considered a step up from a normal ward. Any further escalation in treatment, such children will need intensive care support (PICU), which is a step up from HDU. Usually a nurse cares for upto 2 children in HDU. The care given in HDU can minimise the possibility of requiring an admission to PICU.

Facilities Offered :

Facilities for investigations, including blood tests, Ultrasound scans, ECG, bedside ECHO, X-rays are available in the hospital. HDU is equipped with bubble CPAP, High Flow Nasal Cannula oxygen to provide non invasive ventilation along with advanced cardio respiratory monitoring. Provisions for Central line insertion to provide Total parenteral nutrition and other IV infusions are also available.